Amale Freiha Khlat, The Testimony of a Refugee

Amale Freiha Khlat is a Lebanese British visual artist, questioning the role of the images and its dissemination as well as the role of the spectators.

the Testimony of a Refugee

que sera sera what ever will be will be

This work aims to capture the perilous journey undertaken by refugees fleeing their war-torn countries in the Middle East, and travelling across land and sea with the hope of reaching safe ground, and starting a new life. Leaving one's homeland is not easy, with family and possessions left behind. There is a feeling of helplessness, and a sense of being totally uprooted, as evidenced by the bare and ilapidated wooden sculpture on display. The route to safety is full of danger, with injuries along the way. 

Film still -The Testimony of a Refugee-que sera sera what ever will be will be, 2018. High definition single-channel video (color), 1/1 (Ed. of 1 + AP) / 6min.9sec., loop.

Various dimensions - cherry tree root, 16 amber resins, plywood, MDF, timber, screenprint on 5 acrylics, oneway mirror window film, high definition monitor and player, headphone and school chairs. 2018



question time

(the Testimony of a Refugee)

In Question Time, I investigate the spectacle of war as an observer, a director and an actor. My research focuses on the dissemination of space between a given spectator, the performance and the proscenium, both from a long-distance view and from a close-up angle.

'Pictures don't speak for themselves', said Susan Sontag. They need to have a context to ensure an appropriate interpretation. This context is what supports the image. The image can’t be understood without the necessary knowledge.


Cafe Gallery Project, London, 2018. Various dimensions - cherry tree root, plywood, 9 amber resins, school chairs and 2 panel lights