Amale Freiha Khlat, Mousharabiah Screens

Amale Freiha Khlat is a Lebanese British visual artist, questioning the role of the images and its dissemination as well as the role of the spectators.


mousharabiah screens

I have always been fascinated by Mousharabiah screens and their intricate geometrical patterns, which are common in traditional Middle Eastern homes, and are designed to provide privacy and protection. By re-appropriating and re-using one of their patterns, I carved the same linoleum plate in ten different stages, then printed each one, to showcase a group of refugees on the move. These images were screen printed in red and gold (to represent their emergency blankets).


fleeing conflicts but where to next

Movement Gallery, Worcester, Network, The RAGE Collective. Various dimensions, prints, glass, wood, emergency blanket. 2017


The Perilous Journey series

Series of nine linocuts on newspaper, unique book The Perilous Journey III . Various dimensions, prints, wood. 2018


The Perilous Journey I

series of ten linocuts - 40.7cm x 30.5cm on Somerset Satin. 2017-2018


The Perilous Journey II

Series of ten linocuts and silk prints on Somerset Satin -  40.7cm x 30.5cm. 2017-2018


The Perilous Journey III

Series of ten linocuts and silk printson Somerset Satin - 40.7cm x 30.5cm. 2017-2018



The Perilous Journey IV

Silk Print on Somerset Satin, 2018. 40.7cm x 30.5cm. 2018