Amale Freiha Khlat, Crafting Memory Lane

Amale Freiha Khlat is a Lebanese British visual artist, questioning the role of the images and its dissemination as well as the role of the spectators.

Crafting Memory Lane

Sound can pass through barriers and fill up a space, and sculpt the void. I produced this video using a combination of Minecraft imagery, archived photos of the Lebanese civil war and drone clips of conflict zones, mixed in with my voice and that of others, recounting memories of growing up during the war, with the sound of fighter jets in the background. One could view these scenes from a tête à tête rocking chair - two people sitting back to back, one watching while the other one is just listening - to magnify the effect of unease, even though the rocking chair is meant to be a soothing piece of furniture.

Crafting Memory Lane, 2017. High-definition single-channel video (color), 1/1 (Ed. of 1 + AP) / 7min.39sec., loop.

 Cafe Gallery Project, London. Various dimensions. 2017

Cafe Gallery Project, London. Various dimensions. 2017